Warsaw University of Life Sciences

Entrance Conditions

To successfully enroll in the program you must have a high school leaving certificate and you must pass the entrance exam in Biology and Chemistry.

Physical and mental fitness is important in daily work with animals. Before starting the course, we will ask for an assessment from your doctor stating your fitness to undertake the course. Please advise us of any disability that should be taken into consideration.

Why do you Need to Pass an Entrance Exam?

Veterinary medicine is a demanding academic field of study. We hope that we can provide the industry with first-class professionals. The entrance requirements are proof that you will be able to cope with the demands of the course from the very beginning and in particular, that your knowledge in Chemistry and Biology is adequate.

Entrance Exams

In cooperation with the Faculty IMS is able to organize the entrance exam for you anywhere in the world. The exam is built on the high-school syllabus of Biology and Chemistry (to be provided). We would recommend preparing well for the exam by using the online preparation course we offer, revising books from school or maybe by arranging some relevant revision lessons in your home country. The university also made available 2 tests from past years entrance exams.

Language of the exam: English
Type of test: Multiple choice
No. of questions Biology: 20
No. of questions Chemistry: 20
Passing score: differs each year
Time for the test: 120 minutes