University of Pavol Jozef Safarik (UPJS)

General Medicine in Slovakia

About the program:

The international program of General Medicine was established in 1992. A total of 360 ECTS must be attained by successfully passing examinations in order to receive the Doctor of General Medicine Diploma.

The Faculty of Medicine works closely with the Teaching Hospital of L. Pasteur in Košice, in which practical education in clinical disciplines is carried out.

The course is overseen by the Board of Faculty Experts and undertaken through examinations required by the state. Graduates are awarded the academic title "Doctor of General Medicine", abbreviated “MUDr.” or “Doctor of Dental Medicine”, abbreviated “MDDr.” (both equivalent to M.D. degree).

Length of study:12 semesters (6 years)
Language of education:English
No of international students to be accepted in 2019/2020:200
Number of ECTS credits to be obtained:360 ECTS
Diploma awarded:Doctor of General Medicine (Doktor medicíny, M.D.)
Tuition for 1 academic year:10,500 EUR

For a comprehensive, detailed explanation of the course, please see: General Medicine curriculum. See a video about the program.

What Can Warsaw Offer an International Student?

Košice is Slovakia’s Most Charming City

Often called the ‘hidden gem’ of Europe, you will find Košice has much to offer. Košice is nestled between six UNESCO World Heritage Sites, four national parks, the Tatra mountains, and the world-famous Tokaj wine region. It is the economic and cultural centre of Eastern Slovakia.

Košice is Steeped in History and Culture

Košice was named the European Capital of Culture in 2013 and is the seat of three universities, many museums, galleries, and theatres.

Košice is a Perfect Size for Student Life

With a population of approximately 240,000, Košice is the second largest city in Slovakia. That makes it big enough for a lot of fun and small enough to easily meet up with friends.

Košice is Well Connected

The town has extensive railway connections and an international airport with frequent flights available to European and worldwide destinations.

Košice Offers Good Sporting Facilities

Košice became the 2016 European City of Sport awarded by the European Capitals of Sports Association (ACES Europe). As a result, it has fantastic sporting facilities. It also hosts the oldest annual marathon in Europe called the Peace Marathon since 1924.

The Cost of Living in Košice is very Reasonable

We believe Košice can offer you a very comfortable lifestyle. As well as attaining your prestigious qualification, being a student should be about gaining life experience. It can be challenging to manage your budget and also have fun, but we believe this will be easier for you in Košice. To illustrate this here is a rough guide to the cost of living:

Average Cost of Living in Košice (2018) EUR
Daily University menu (includes soup + main meal) € 3,50
1 loaf of bread € 1
1 litre milk € 0,80
1 x gym entrance €3
Rental of 1 bedroom apartment Approx. €500
cShared apartment – private bedroom €300
Public transportation (students under 26) €26 per 3 months