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Veterinary medicine in Poland

Veterinary medicine in Poland, on Warsaw university.

About the program:

The Veterinary Surgeon Degree Program at WULS-SGGW offers 131 modules over a period of 5.5 years. A total of 360 ECTS must be attained by successfully passing examinations in order to receive the Veterinary Surgeon Diploma. A total of 299 ECTs must be gained from mandatory modules and 61 ECTs from elective modules. The program is rigorous, with almost 6,200 hours of lectures (400-700 hours per semester).

The Faculty aims to offer new modules and electives each academic year to keep up to date with industry expectations.

Students who exhibit academic excellence may be offered the opportunity to participate in a research project, which attracts an additional 15 ECTS.

Length of study:11 semesters (5.5 years)
Language of education:English
No of international students to be accepted in 2024/2025:80
Number of ECTS credits to be obtained:360 ECTS
International Position:Approved by EAEVE
Diploma awarded:Dyplom Lekarza Weterynarii (Diploma of Veterinary Surgeon)
Tuition for 1 academic year:9,600 EUR

For a comprehensive, detailed explanation of the course, please see: Veterinary Medicine curriculum.

See a video about the program.

What Can Warsaw Offer an International Student?

Warsaw is called “Paris of the East” due to its remarkable beauty

Warsaw is not your average city. With its 1.7 million inhabitants the capital city of Poland is exceptionally safe, clean and friendly.

Warsaw is steeped in history and culture

Warsaw has, apart from the standard historical attractions, 63 museums, 79 parks, 28 cinemas, and 56 theatres and musical venues within the city. The most notable symbol of Warsaw is the mermaid reminding people to look for new possibilities (it has been invaded 43 times through the history).

Warsaw offers multitude of options for a great student life

Warsaw is one of the most important education centers of Poland. It is home to four major universities with over half a million of students living in the city forming 29% of its population.

Warsaw is very well connected

The town has extensive public transport connections and an international airport with frequent flights available to European and worldwide destinations. There is a direct bus connection between the Frederic Chopin International Airport and the University Campus. The ride takes approximately 25 minutes.

Warsaw offers excellent sporting facilities

Warsaw boasts a staggering 446 km of biking trails throughout the city. The Warsaw Bike Rental System is available for a small charge to every international student. We also recommend joining the Faculty´s Cumann Warszawa GAA Gaelic football team which has a diverse international team of players. There is also a horse riding school located 50m from the Faculty Horse Clinic in Wolica (approx 2 km from WULS-SGGW campus).

The Cost of Living in Warsaw is very reasonable

We believe Warsaw can offer you a very comfortable lifestyle. As well as attaining your prestigious qualification, being a student should be about gaining life experience. It can be challenging to manage your budget and also have fun, but we believe this will be easier for you in Warsaw. To illustrate this here is a rough guide to the cost of living:

Average Cost of Living in Warsaw (2018) EUR PLN
Daily University menu (includes soup + main meal) € 4 16
1 loaf of bread € 1 4
1 litre milk € 0,80 3,6
1 x cinema ticket €7 28
1 x swimming pool entrance at campus €2,50 / 1 hour 10 / 1 hour
Rental of 1 bedroom apartment Approx. €500 2000
cShared apartment – private bedroom €300 1200
Public transportation (students under 26) €26 per 3 months 104

* Currency used in Poland – Polish zloty (PLN). The average exchange rate is 4.2 PLN to 1 EUR, fluctuation is limited to ±10%.