The People Behind IMS

Tel Aviv, Israel

CEO IMS Israel

An inspirational story of a man who decided to fulfil his dream of becoming a doctor and chose to study with our students at UPJS in Kosice. Having had first hand experience as a mature student, overcoming all obstacles and successfully achieving his Medical Degree in 2018, Kobi is an example that nothing is impossible if you really want it. Currently, in addition to supervising the IMS activities in Israel, Kobi is doing his practice in hospital in Israel.

Bratislava, Slovakia

CEO IMS Europe

A graduate of the University of Economics in Slovakia, majoring in International Economic Relations, Margita is a strong believer in getting educational and professional experience abroad. In line with her belief she has taken opportunities to study in Spain and Russia, and has professional experience in the USA. Since then she has returned to her hometown, Bratislava – capital of Slovakia. Margita loves animals and is the proud owner of two tomcats – Benny and Cedric.

Warsaw, Poland

Full assistance in all aspects of settling in Warsaw

Agata is our right hand in Warsaw. She has a PhD in Social Sciences and teaches Intercultural Communication at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of WULS. Agata is happiest in the company of her husband, her baby girl and her shelter dog Tequila.

Košice, Slovakia

Full assistance in all aspects of settling in Košice

Bratislava, Slovakia


Katarina has been with IMS from the beginning and is the queen of numbers here! Incredibly organized, no detail will escape her attention.

Bratislava, Slovakia

IMS Assistant

Alex is a dedicated collector of Starbucks cups. None escapes his attention but be aware, he collects only the old edition! Alex is the wise man of our office, he knows so much! He knows about the dark secrets of dusty files, tonners that never fit, cleaning ladies schedules and even where the best coffee is made!

Tel Aviv, Israel

Leads and applicants from Israel

Boston, USA

International leads and applicants

Michal, or Miki as we like to call her, is the artistic one in the family. Having a beautiful voice, she successfully graduated from Rimon College of Music in Israel and is currently studying at Berklee in Boston, USA. She cares greatly for the sudents under her charge, knowing first-hand how difficult studying abroad can be. Michal is a dedicated vegan and loves animals.